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Releasing signals of mergers and acquisitions in the world's top wine industries

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Abstract: [Chinese liquor nets] foreign liquor (40 degrees or more) have strict restrictions, high spirits out of the

      [Chinese liquor nets] foreign liquor (40 degrees or more) have strict restrictions, high spirits out of the country is difficult. In order to open the international market, we must reduce the number of degrees.

        After a lapse of 10 years, in July 29th, China's low alcohol liquor Development Forum was held again in Chengdu. And the 2007 summit hosted enterprise Henan Zhanggong Liquor Co. Ltd, this one is the Wuliangye group.
       Similarly, China Wine Industry Association sponsored the whole industry low alcohol liquor development conference, why Wuliangye group took the baton?
       It has to mention that when Li Shuguang, the new chairman of Wuliangye group, took office in June, he made a special trip to visit the Wine Association in Beijing to discuss the world customs clearance of Chinese spirits. The meeting, Li Shuguang revealed that the strengthening of international and domestic top wine strategic acquisitions, will be Wuliangye's future development path is a very important option.
       In this regard, Wine Co chairman Wang Yanchang expressed support. But he also expressed a hidden worry: Chinese liquor internationalization journey, there are still some problems need to be resolved and overcome. Liquor is too high, is a threshold. In line with the international spirits market, low alcohol liquor with a low alcohol content of 40 degrees is the breakthrough point and new opportunity for Chinese spirits to be internationalized.
       Liquor development forum is clearly "prepared", in the "The Belt and Road" national strategy to further promote the occasion, as early as 1970s in the quality of low alcohol liquor development gains a lot of Wuliangye naturally will not miss this opportunity.
       Hundreds of enterprises participating in the meeting are collectively qualified for low quality liquor: low quality is not equal to low quality. Go out, first of all, to establish a high spirit of Chinese culture self-confidence and quality self-confidence.
     Rectification of quality low alcohol liquor
       In the eyes of many consumers, low alcohol wine is in the height of wine water (called "plus"), more consumers believe that low alcohol is essence, alcohol blending wine. The price is low, can not be stored for a long time, poor quality, has become synonymous with low-grade liquor.
       In July 29th, the vice chairman of the China Wine Association and Secretary General Song Shuyu said in an interview with reporters that this is due to the quality of low alcohol liquor compared to ordinary low alcohol liquor development faster and faster popularization. The latter may not be enough for ageing, allowing consumers to deny the quality of all low alcohol liquors.
       The State Bureau of Technical Supervision in 1989 approved and promulgated the standard GB11859.1-1989 liquor, the provisions of the requirements of alcohol content in liquor 40 degrees below, this standard applies to grain as raw material, through solid fermentation, distillation, storage, blending brewed, with ethyl acetate as the main aroma compound the distilled liquor.
       In recent times, due to technological progress and other reasons, distillation wine degree is generally 68 degrees to 73 degrees or so, low alcohol liquor often to highly basic wine with slurry, degree of decline, through low temperature adsorption filter output. Therefore, Song Shuyu told reporters that he personally believes that low alcohol liquor should be called "down white wine" more accurate.
       From the quality, although the last century before 80s is high wine wine selection times, establishing the status of high spirits in the minds of consumers, but from 1979 third national famous liquor tasting, have a low alcohol liquor figure. Shuanggou brewery produced a 39 degree liquid won the national quality wine Shuang'gou special title, as the prelude of the rapid development of low alcohol liquor. The fourth session of the fifth national wine critic, 38 the Yanghe River Daqu, 39 special liquid, 38 Shuang'gou double bow Daqu, 38 Jinjiu famous wine won the national title, 25 degrees and 29 degrees, 39 degrees Wuliangye, 28 degrees, 28 degrees Daqu double bow won the national title of the Yanghe River Daqu liquor.

     Since low-grade white wine has been awarded an award, why has it become a low quality representative in the minds of many consumers?
       This low alcohol liquor peak forum, the name of the winery's technical experts to unlock the reason.
       Shanxi Xinghuacun Fenjiu factory Limited by Share Ltd chief engineer, Chinese wine master Du Xiaowei said, in the study of low alcohol Fen, we must first solve the problem of muddy, and secondly to solve the problem Guadan wine. Liquor is a mixture of organic compounds, acid, high ester low, can not highlight the low alcohol liquor style, stored in the process of change easily, fragrance weakened, or even a unpleasant taste.
       China food fermentation industry research vice president Zhang Wujiu said alcohol need low but not little, few and light, which is related to the flavor intensity, choose a variety of food, in the application environment, storage and accumulation, temperature and blending, can be a good solution to this problem, but the cost and. He said, for example, the first drop of storage or storage and lower degree? Facts have proved that the low alcohol liquor obtained by the former is more fragrant and taste more fused, and the taste is more supple, and the longer the storage time is, the more typical the flavor is.
       Deputy chief engineer of Wuliangye Limited by Share Ltd, Chinese wine master Zhao Dong said, and the height of the wine base wine line do low alcohol wine, low alcohol wine has a high requirement for the base wine, optimization on the basis of selected fine fine. From 1972 to 1978, Wuliangye succeeded in brewing low quality liquor through optimization.
       In reality, high quality liquor brewing process and on the contrary, many ordinary liquor in order to reduce the cost, adopts the method of directly adding flavor to taste, so many consumers hope timid.
       Again, storage, which also requires increased costs. Song Shuyu said that the quality of low alcohol liquor needs at least two years of aging period, the quality is stable. Recently, the Chinese Wine Association Research low alcohol liquor, such as Wuliangye and other low alcohol liquor has been stored for twenty years, aroma is still good, pure taste, long fragrance.
       Zhao Dong introduction, Wuliangye technical personnel will be low alcohol wine do special treatment, will cause precipitation of calcium ions, magnesium ions removed, so as to ensure that no precipitation and better flavor retention.
       "From this point of view, quality and low alcohol wines require higher brewing capacity than high-quality high-quality liquors."." Zhang Wujiu says.
       Song Shuyu said that over the years, the quality of low alcohol liquor can not be named for themselves, the price is higher than the quality of cheap wine, wine companies in particular to reflect on. The production cost of quality low alcohol liquor is inferior to that of high quality white wine, but its technical cost and equipment cost are higher than that of the latter." Insiders said.
       Wuliangye's name, all goods supply chain Limited by Share Ltd chairman Jia Guangqing believes that the liquor has typical structure of two yuan, in the East China market, the low alcohol wine of 300 dollars or less is the main local wine consumption is very wide, the market penetration rate is very high, because of the low degree wine has been the core of a single product is very small, like the Yanghe River shares, gujinggong shares moderate wine and high wine price, even 1 dollars spread.
       But the misunderstanding of low alcohol wine mainly in high-end wine, Moutai, Wuliangye. Wuliangye's 52 degree price is 25% higher than the 43 price, and many consumers decide on the product by price. He believes that it is due to the popularity of high-grade wines of low alcohol, so prices are not up.
       Wuliangye group honorary chairman Wang Guochun said that under the conditions of the market economy, the price does not depend on the cost, but depends on the supply and demand relations, quality, low alcohol wine is scarce scarce opportunities.
      "The 39 Laobaigan representative of the highest quality in its product series, the highest value." Song Shuyu said, we must establish a high spirit of Chinese culture self-confidence and quality self-confidence. Let the whole world like Chinese liquor, this is the historical responsibility.

     Liquor internationalization pass?
       In fact, the birth of low alcohol liquor and export swap inseparable.
       Henan Zhanggong Wine Co., Ltd. chief engineer Sun Xiyu said at the summit, as early as 1970s, Premier Zhou Enlai proposed to put down a China liquor wine, liquor Chinese is subject to many restrictions on foreign exchange, another is the Chinese are too scarce, liquor more than 60 degree can not be accepted by foreigners.
       Foreign liquor (40 degrees or more) have strict restrictions, a high degree of liquor out of the country is difficult. In order to open the international market, we must reduce the number of degrees. In the mid 1986, Wang Guochun carried Wuliangye low alcohol to Japan and was well received.
       "International one of the biggest problems is how we and the drinking habits of foreign consumers abroad, and fit the needs of the problem, obviously alcohol is a very important factor." Zhao Dong says.
       Luzhou Limited by Share Ltd deputy general manager, Chinese wine master, China's chief wine tasting Zhang Suyi also said that Luzhou is being promoted internationally, found that foreign friends prefer low alcohol. They like to drink with ice and drink. If the liquor is cloudy, the senses will not pass.
       Jia Guangqing said, not only go out, domestic young consumer groups from snacks to KFC and McDonald's, Coca Cola grew up, their taste will have great changes, the liquor degree lower, more personalized. This requires manufacturers to do more in-depth research on consumer demand in the future. Wine factory has a very good technology reserves and processes, consumers can be more flexible in the taste of the more considerations.
       Therefore, Xu Yan, vice president of Jiangnan University, said that it is an inevitable trend for Chinese liquor to go from modernization to modernization, and it is a breakthrough point and a new opportunity for Chinese spirits to be internationalized.
       Not long ago, the China Wine Association has set up a Chinese liquor internationalization Promotion Committee, leading the industry to open the international voyage, advocating rational drinking, but also from the low alcohol start.

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